Bad news

Ricky Brooks hit on pit road at NSS.

Hope he is ok.

don nerone

Speed 51 reports Broken leg taken to the hospital for precaution.
Also just read sprint driver bayflighted out of full throttle tonight with burns on hands and feet.

New Smyrna is a dangers pit road to work on a big race. Been there .
You must realey watch your back there.
Hope every one has a safe race and the sprint driver is ok…
.Who was it ???


Joey Aguilar

I talked to Jane Hart a little while ago and he has a broken lower right leg (I think it was the right. Could be the left) and he was in surgery when I spoke to her. No other injuries to him she said. Will be there (hospital) 2-3 days and head back north.

Hope For A Speedy Recovery For Ricky Brooks

Sure could have been a lot worse.Get well soon


Thank you for the news about Joey… Have been worried … now just hope he heals with little scarring or pain. Thanks.
Carol :auto003:

hope everybodys okay :engel016: