Ebr Race Update

Despite the rumors going on about FTS , and the fact that someone got on their website and stated the race was canceled is NOT TRUE. I have spoken with the new group and they are excited to have the race as their 1st major event, look forward to seeing everyone come out and enjoy a great time

Spoke with one the new owners today, good conversation…

Cant wait to hear who the new owners are, and what there plans are for the track!! I wonder if they will change the name of the track?..Vince

According to Linda’s new post today the race is not happening. So what now?

Where did you see that. I know for sure the race is still happening.

i posted what is racing 11-9 super late models

the EBR is 11-16

SLM 100 Laps, SS, R.W. Legends, Bandos,Pro 4, Rookie 4, CC, JYD

PRO 4’s, Road Warriors, Street Stocks, Super Late Models, Cowboy Cadillacs, Rookie 4’s, S.E. Champ Karts, Junkyard Dogs, Legends, Bandoleros, Mini Cups


Road Warriors, Open Wheel Modifieds, Dwarf Cars, TQ Midgets, Junkyard Dogs, Legends, Bandoleros, Outlaw Modifieds

the race is on and this is also from our web site

my bad, I thought the race was on the 2nd, I guess at my age my sight is fading, lookout all when I come back racing, LOL

What time does the racing start for the EBR? Are the modified running heat races to qualify for the feature? Thanks