Full Throttle Speedway announcement

Full Throttle Speedway Announcement,
soon to be known as Desoto Speedway

Full Throttle Speedway, has made some internal changes to the management staff. Kevin Williams will no longer be involved with the speedway so that he can spend more time with his son and his son’s racing career. Mike Chase will only be involved as a silent partner, he will be here on the 9th & 16th of November to assist in those two big events. Dennis Meyer will be running the track as of November 1st 2013. Don Cretty will be the new race director. All of the Full Throttle staff was asked to stay on and continue to be a part of the new team, however some have chosen to leave. We appreciate all the support that the fans and drivers have given to FTS and hope you continue, our goal as the new Management team is to be consistent and fair to all. The schedule & points will remain for the rest of the 2013 season , we will notify you of the two dates “TBA” 11-23 & 12-14 , if we will be adding races.

Our goals for the 2014 racing season
as Desoto Speedway:

-A more consistent race schedule

-Be fair and consistent to our drivers, with as little change to the racing rules & program.

-Be more fan friendly and bring some excitement back to the grandstands, with more driver & fan interactions, along with family fun things and give aways.

-Make the speedway all it can be, a fair, fun, safe, family oriented race track that has the best short track racing in the state.

We appreciate your loyal support and apologize for any inconvenience through this transition.

We hope that this transition will put our management team, staff, drivers and fans all on the same page with communications, announcements and future events. Feel free to contact us through our email fullthrottlespeedway1@gmail.com or call our office at 941-748-3171

Thank You all for your support
Desoto Management

Wow good thing they never changed the sign. Good luck to the new managers

Good Luck to the new managers also. A great track, fast and would be a blast to run there

F#$% Yeah! Critter! Sign me up, I’ll be running my Sportsman there full time in 2014! Nice job changing the name back too! I never liked Full Throttle. Desoto Speedway honors the tracks history. Yee Ha! :ernaehrung004:

Well Garrity Changed his time after hearing the news :slight_smile:

See sometimes things are not all bad, we choose to think that way first.

Congrats Critter. Will be seeing soon

Yes, I did Rick (“change my tune” I think you meant). I can admit when I’m wrong. But racers I knew warned me that they weren’t happy with Chase running things on the pit side. “Silent partner” sounds good to me. Not to bash Mike, but sometimes people good at business don’t have the best “people’s” skills. Problem is they let half the story leak out. Williams out and Chase running the pit side wasn’t attractive to me. However I’ve always enjoyed racing for Critter. I should have known better than to let my emotions get to me and put up a negative post. I’m a “glass half-full” kinda guy dontcha know. LOL :aetsch013:

Desoto Speedway

Now that we know whats going on lets get the cars ready to go. Sweet:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

What a crazy season

Critter leaves citrus and goes to full throttle, which is back to Desoto

Laplant, out of punta gorda/three palms and moves to citrus

Williams, leaves punta gorda, for full throttle, then leaves full throttle.

Maybe Williams will team up with three palms?

Rick b. leaves fups and goes to citrus.

Rick A. Back at Desoto!

Sappracone and Nerone to run new florida late model series?

Great to be back home and even better having Critter on board. The future looks bright for “Desoto Speedway” The South’s Fastest Short Track!!!

Hobby Stock

Critter, how about a HOBBY STOCK class similar to the 2012 rules of Citrus county , on RADIALS so a working man can race!!!

And 4 cylinder rules need to be in line with Showtime and Eastbay. Both of which get 20+ cars every weekend in that class. While FTS was getting about 5 cars.

I also think the Road Warrior class rules should be in line with Showtimes Street Stock. We got almost 400 laps out of a set of Hoosier Comanche tires at Showtime.

Okay, now throw some dirt on Full Throttle/Desoto, and i think we have something!!