Feeling Chumpy..


A friend and I just bought this. Looking for a couple of teammates for Road Atlanta in February. If interested, let me know. Also plan to race Sebring, Daytona and maybe one more this year.

CAN’T @#%!$%#@ WAIT!!! I WANNA GO FAST!! :slight_smile:

Camaro chumpers unite!

See you at Atlanta. Nice to see some more American iron out there.

Love the Chumpcar deal. Cool car, wish I was in a position to go play with ya.

Great looking car, Rick! I was looking for an earlier model Camaro like yours but lost patience. I know nothing about strut front ends but should be able to figure it out… Looks like Sebring. I even think I remember y’all passing us but did y’all break? Everybody is telling me a 350 is crappy for endurance racing… This car has an accusump, huge oil cooler and huge radiator so I’m hoping it lives!!


Bound up the shifter and kept blowing header gasket(cheap headers).
It was a real quick build of the car we started June1st and finished the night before Sebring.We were having fun shaking the car down.The 3rd gen strut cars are a blast to drive you will have a lot of fun with that car.
:ernaehrung004: Rick