who says they dont pay for practice..

Five Flags is putting up money for all divisions for the practice day for fastest in each divsion.

Pretty cool.

As much as I hate practice days, as I feel that every dollar spent practicing is a dollar that could have been spent racing… 5 Flags is putting some of that income (which is no small dolor amount) back towards semof the racers. It might not mean much to the SLM or PLM guys… But for the support classes it might make their entire weekend of adventure.

I don’t normally care for open practices but it’s actually a pretty cool day, and an end of the year tradition not unlike practice before the season opens. SBD is a big deal to the racers around here and they’ll be out there in force getting ready, to say you’ve won at the Snowball is badge of honor I’d like to have. Also Southern Raceway always has a big dirt race that night and often times there’ll be dirt guys/rigs there early in the day watching.

All struggling short tracks wish they had a big event like this to carry them through the rest of the year.

I will be there providing Trackside Now coverage on Speed51.com of the entire Snowball Derby Preview (practice) including the fast-time awards and some behind the scenes news and notes as the Derby gets closer.

Looked at Southern’s Website, no dirt show that night. :frowning:

Saw on another site where someone said PCola’s Gentlemen’s Clubs are “trashy at best”. If they weren’t then why would I want to go?! That guy obviously never had fun at a titty bar, because the trashiest are the funnest…and Pensacola actually has a decent selection of trashy ones and classy ones.

We want to one of the ‘trashy’ clubs… and were politely asked to leave “with or without handcuffs, your choice”.

Seems they had a little problem with my buddy taking a few pictures. Had to get my jacket back from one of the strippers who made my Jack Daniels jacket the first thing to be removed during her ‘performance’…!!!

Arities Angels… it’s worth a try, but leave the camera idea alone.


or so I’ve heard.

Count off who’s going?