A real Rut-roe

At Desoto Speedway 11-16-13



thanks for posting it. first time i saw it.

Always have to make it exciting don’t ya Jimmy…

He did that Dave, made my heart skip a beat!

just asking. was there more people in the pits then in the main grandstands?

This was during the heat race. A lot more people showed up about a half hour after this video. Not a packed house, but id say a good 1500-2000 in the main grandstand.


I had noting to due with that one. The guy behind me just turn me into the wall and destroid the car.He said he was sorry, so I have that going for me.


If its any consolation, he came over to me and was really upset with himself… He felt terrible but the damage is done and nothing can change that. At least it wasnt intentional. I thank God you didnt get hurt and I thank you for stopping by. Meant alot. There were some really great guys in your class that raced. I was so happy to see Ernie. Been a long time. Hope to see you again soon. I think you should go with what I told you. Neon Orange! There are 2 things that should never be green… race cars and Harleys. OOOPS… i think Gene Lasker is doing his sprint green. Be careful out there Gene. :wink:
roflll but then again… my dive gear was all neon green and black and im here to say it… :wink:

Carol Wicks :auto003: