PASS National and PASS South Super Late Model Season To Start At New Smyrna

The Pro All Stars Series (PASS) National Series and PASS South Super Late Model seasons will start at New Smyrna Speedway February 7-8. The Florida Winter Meltdown marks a return to New Smyrna Speedway for the nation’s top short track stars. PASS first raced at New Smyrna in 2010 in the Inaugural Florida Winter Meltdown which was won by Brad Leighton. Look for more information on the Florida Winter Meltdown at New Smyrna Speedway in the coming weeks at

I ‘think’ this is a full-points event, unlike the previous race and the one at Auburndale last year. These ‘non-point’ events don’t draw very well, but I think a full-on points paying race will bring MUCH better fields than in the past.

I think Daytona got the hint too… the K&N Series race is a points race this year, while last years Battle was billed as a non-points ‘Invitational’.

The last PASS race at NSS was very good, and I’m really looking forward to this one. Last season, PASS South had 89 different cars participate in their series… the Northern division had 112. That’s 201 cars that fit the PASS rule books, not counting local teams that are also legal. I’m hoping they get a REAL nice field for this…!!!

Right approach

[B][I]PASS has the right system in place to draw cars. Pretty much any Pro Stock//Super Late can fit.

They have a system with 7 or 8 different motors, differents frames and differents body rules with weight brake and (or)weight penalty.

That way, if you have a Late Model and the will to race, just show up, we’ll figure it all out.

Great improvement over: ‘‘here’s my rules you have to match to a T’’. The perfect way to end up with boring club racing that costs a gazillion $ to participate & very few participants.

Never loose sight that after 100//200//300 laps, with worn out tires, no brake left and an almost past out driver, red or blue shocks do not really matter that much anymore.[/I][/B] (I think you get my point)

Way more stoked to hear this announcement over the K&N series…