Get your cars ready $1500 to win STOCK 4 and 6cyl enduro SPEEDWORLD next Friday night

Come on out and add to a GREAT HOLIDAY WEEKEND. Going to be a great show.:slight_smile:

Sounds great !!!
What’s the entry fee Moe ?

My car is ready to roll. It will be the John Gross Cleaning #85, and I"ve recruited an enduro veteran with a winning pedigree to drive it.

Question: are you running this on the banked track or the Bando track?

I’m telling all my Melbourne Dirt track buds. They wouldn’t come over for the weekly shows but maybe this will spark an interest.

Pit Pass Is

THIRTY AND TO RACE ALL THE OTHER EVENTS IS TEN DOLLARS YES ONLY TEN DOLLARS. Hope to see a bunch of cars there.:slight_smile:

Enduro at OSW

Are we running full track for enduro race??