Snowball Derby Weekend Is Underway!!!

Once again, I have to miss this awesome weekend of racing, in person. If you’re like me and can’t go, you can still check out all the action minute-by-minute with pictures at

yea speed51 does a good job of race updates, pics etc. but don’t dare ask a question about or say anything remotely critical of the teenage rich kid drivers in the comment box- your comment will not get displayed or your question answered- LoL
oh and NASCAR, as far as speed51 is concerned, can do no wrong :sprachlos020:

Leaving for the Snowball tonight… I will give you all the non Nascar news you want or need!!!

The Derby is a cool deal. Read about it as a kid and have been once- look forward to going again.

a little off topic- if there is one race that really makes me dislike the template bodies it’s this one- when did this become a template race and why does an unsanctioned SLM race need to be a template race?
Used to be part of the deal to see the cars from all over the country- they all looked a little different.
They got cars from 16 states+Canada, something like 130+ PLM/SLM and they all LOOK THE SAME! LoL :rolleyes:

Modified Qualifying Local Flavor:
10th John Jr.
11th Brandon Morris
18th Doug Moff
20th L.B. Skaggs

Sorry to the leaders, but our boy was still on the lead lap, down on the bottom trying to get out of the way :slight_smile: We were, the dreaded “lapped car” :grinser010:

SNOWBALL DERBY: Okie Mason took advantage off a late race tangle between race leader, Bubba Winslow and a lapped car, to score the Super Stocks 50-Lap Snowball Derby Feature Win at 5 Flags Speedway (FL). 1) Mason, 2) Randy Thompson, 3) Jeff Belt, 4) J.R. Skipper, 5) Darryl Rudd.

Better wear long johns tonight!!

[QUOTE=scottgarrity07;137888]Modified Qualifying Local Flavor:
10th John Jr.
11th Brandon Morris
18th Doug Moff
20th L.B. Skaggs[/QUOTE]

DJ Hoelzle was 19th, the top 23 cars qualified fast enough this year to be in the top 5 cars last year.

Finishing positions

Johnny and LB were involved in the big one.

Brandon 7th
Doug 9th
DJ 13th No radio and lost the nose sheet metal

Chase E dq’d for tungsten, ouch. Can’t away with shtuff at the derby!!