Looks Like Bubba-Land This Sat....

Looks like a good show (not much else going on either)…Gonna grab me lawn chair and grab a spot up HIGH…get there early for this one…I see a crowd of fans fer sur…OSF

I’ll probably see you again this weekend Bob. Looks like a great show on tap.

Keep in mind, heats start at 4:15, not the 7:00 or 7:30 like normal.

Youse goin’ Friday and Saturday??? Or what??
-Ge Um-

I think “Or What”… how bout dat…? Actually, only going for Sat Night… Friday is “Practice for all divisions”… but I’ll probably get there mid afternoon and be ready when they open the flood gates (if you get there early enough, they will let you stand inside by the bar and sell you your tickets there before they start in through the gate… its a bit of a rush to get up and claim your spot for your lawn chair… now ain’t dat sometin? OSF

Oh, this is another track that doesn’t do “Qualifying”… they do real racing as in heat races … YEA… that’s great for the fan’s ! ! !

I’ll see both of you guys there taking my son as he seems to love the races now lol Dad is still too banged up to go tho.

Looks like me & AB195 making the trip.

Looks like I’ll be back in town just in time. Looking forward to getting down there.

Sounds like a reunion to me. See youse there…
-Ge Um-

[QUOTE=ocalasp76;138519]Sounds like a reunion to me. See youse there…
-Ge Um-[/QUOTE]

Oh hell…dare goes da nabber-hood…OSF