Desoto Drivers Meeting???

Would love to hear from any of you out there that went to the Desoto Driver’s Meeting for Sportsman, Street Stock and Road Warrior?

What decisions/changes were made for each class?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

To me, a Sportsman is a different animal than a Street Stock or a Road Warrior… but what’s the difference between an SS & Road Warrior? There should NOT be 2 classes of these type cars. Combine them somehow, or shit-can them both.

Far too many choices of divisions to choose from here in Fla. most of the tracks I grew up with had a choice of 2 or 3 directions to go in… if you want to race, PICK ONE of them. They don’t give 8-9 choices, and then have 6 of them bitch about it.

thought you would have been there

Scott, I was at the meeting. It seems what they are doing is basically bringing back the old Desoto Pure Stock class as the Road Warrior class. They will be allowing crates to run in it, but if you have a built engine they will allow you to run I believe an aluminum intake and headers I believe. I’m sure I might be missing something or leaving something out. I honestly did not pay that much attention to that part of the meeting because I do not have a car for that class. For the Street Stocks they are leaving the class pretty close to where it was. They will be allowing tubular outers with heim joints just because of the cost versus a stock tie rod. If you have a fiberglass roof they will have you add some weight. If the right side floor is gone they will have you add weight, and from what it sounded like he will want quite a bit added depending on how much, if any, is there. Does not want wedge bodies, can be a fiberglass body or can be aluminum panels, just not the wedge style. It seemed just about everyone there was happy with the changes, or lack of. I’d say there were around 50-60 people there. I think about 5 or so we’re there for the Sportsman meeting, and well… Some will be happy some will not be. If you run a quick change weight will be added. He said he will not allow small clutches, he does not believe they belong in the class etc. That’s the hard one for me because I just spent some money a few weeks ago to freshen mine. I see both sides of it on the big vs small clutch deal, just sucks that now I will have to buy everything all over again. Crates need to be 100% stock stock stock just as they came. No double roller timing chain, or anything else that other tracks were allowing to be done. Does not matter if they have seals or not, as they said multiple times they will be tearing into them. Camshafts in built motors will be hydraulic and I believe that they said they are going back to the 450 lift rule. Can run a single MSD box. The Road Warrior/Pure Stock and Street Stock guys seemed happy with the rules, but I could be wrong. It feels like I’m forgetting something so if someone was there and wants to add or correct something I said, feel free too!

Again, I’m not a nuts & bolts guy, but I think the banning of the Quick Change rear, as just another tool to keep racers at a single track instead of encouraging travel.

Up north, there are guys that can & will run a 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8th mile tracks with little more than a gear change (5 minutes to do), and a stagger change, probably some shock tuning/changing. Its all done with ADJUSTMENTS, not a bunch of different parts.

I understand they are more expensive as an initial investment versus a Ford 9-inch, but a box of gears has to be cheaper than a wall full of chunks.

One more thing… used Quick Changes are available all across the country. There has to be some deals out there somewhere if you’re willing to stroll through the National Parts Peddler, Racing Junk, or several others.

It doesn’t HAVE to be a big initial investment, but will save a ton if you don’t want to be trapped at a single track…

Which goes back to my point of why most tracks DON’T allow them.

I think you’re misunderstanding his post Jerry. Quick changes are allowed, there’s just a 50 pound weight penalty.

@Pun33: I would have been there but I work Saturdays and it was too short notice. I take vacation time every Saturday I race.

Sounds like it was a good meeting with most leaving happy. A good start.

Thanks for the info Josh. Look forward to trading some paint with you in 2014!

they said the rules be ready in about 2-3 weeks sounds like a lot of s/s will be there took a few things from the sportsman the small cluch and big cam if i heard it right could be wrong i have been befor all i can say is call the track for any info