Desoto Speedway Feb 1st

Desoto Speedway Feb 1st 2014

Bright House Challenge Series ICEBREAKER 100
Super Late Models for 100 Laps

Sponsor a lap for $20.00 - call the speedway 941-748-3171
Super Late Model drivers are already calling to reserve their parking slab.

joining the supers for this great night of racing will also be:

Street Stock
Mini Stock
Cowboy Cadillacs
Pro 4 / Rookie 4

visit our web site for the 2014 schedule, rules & updates
(web site is in the process of the name change and makeover)

Which Super Lates have reserved slabs so far…?

WoooHoooo, check out that logo! it’s Desoto Speedway again!

I am going. It is the only racing i will get to see. Work screwed the pooch on my speedweeks this year!

Yea Jerry, NSS posted a list of drivers for the recent Brighthouse Race and it brought out people that weren’t going UNTIL they saw the list…Every track should follow what NSS did… that’s just good promotion ! ! !.. OSF

Agreed OSF… I was one that hadn’t planned on going until I saw the list. It changed my entire plan, and I’m glad as hell that I went.

Desoto is about a 2-1/2 hour haul for me, and I’m not gonna go there on a gamble of possibly seeing 8 cars. Show me 20, and I’ll start packing the car now…!

will there be Friday night practice?

there will be practice Friday pits open at 4:00