Best Bang for the Buck

where is going to be the show tonight? Showtime Desoto Eastbay or BRP?

I’m going to Citrus for the sprints.

Don’t bother with BRP it is rained out track was a huge mess when i got there.

In a last minute change of events looks like i will be headed to Citrus tonight also. Need to get my racing fix after 5 rainouts.

EB for OSF

Citrus was the place to be tonight!! Awesome racing

Agree 1000% The sprint race alone was worth the price of admission. Only complaints i had was i could barely hear the announcer and the lack of cars in the other classes but man is there a huge change since the last time i was there.

I couldn’t hear the announcer because of the kids horsing around on four wheelers next to turn one. I wanted to shoot out their tires


I went to showtime for the first time in my life, they had ALOT of cars in every class, except Sportsman’s, There was only like 10. It was the first time I have ever watched a 4 cyl class from start to finish and enjoyed it, 20 + of those little gremlins. street stock class is highly competitive, there was 6 cars that could have won that one if someone made a mistake in the front, seems like they had 17 of them. OWM are extremely fast there,wasn’t the best mod squad I have watched but it was pretty good. I was impressed with size, shape and surface of the track, I didn’t notice any patches or different style surfaces all mixed in. Reminded me of Punta Gorda which I only raced there one time but I had a blast, except waiting until about 1 AM to get my check.