Fun Visit From The Good Doctor

Had the pleasure of meeting and “hanging out” with Dr. Dick Berggren today at work… One of the great writers and broadcasters of our sport…

What a great start for you as this the best time of the year for you. Dr. B. is one of our sports best ambassadors. I wish him well in what he calls a retirement.

Where’s the good doctor’s beret hat? :slight_smile:

I wondered the same thing then I thought he may be traveling incognito.

There’s a guy who knows about, and cares about racing. In fact, both of those guys do. You have a dream job Dave.

Dave, are those blue blazers behind you in that photo, Hall of Fame coats? If so, whose are they? Great photo of two of my favorite people in racing!

They are the coats that were awarded (posthumously) to Bill France, Sr. and Bill France, Jr. at the first NASCAR Hall of Fame induction… The France family keeps them on display here…