awesome hauler

I saw this on facebook and had to share it. The description with the photo says:

“This 1923 Midget racer and its hauler were found in a barn recently and saw daylight for the first time in nearly 90 years. The tires were pumped up and incredibly held air, then it was brought outside to be loaded on a tilt tray (pictured) and secreted away to an unknown buyer. That’s almost 90 years of dust you see on those cars. Any idea of how rare a find this is… particularly given that both the Midget and hauler have one of the first OHV conversions (Fronty) on them?”


That is beyond cool. Ingenuity way before its time.

It’s good to see a Thread started by one of my favorite people, miss you
buddy !!..Oh yeah, that is one cool picture.


Great Picture.:slight_smile:

Very Cool, but 1 question. What is a Tilt Tray?

Known today as a ‘roll off’. See the tire channel over the rear fender too.

When I was in the towing game we called it a Roll Back.

Not everyone in who takes photos were in the towing game. I did towing myself and thought pretty much the same thing you did. i was staring at the picture trying to find a tray LOL.:ernaehrung004: