Bubba on Dirtcast


One thing about Bubba is he has no problem speaking up right or wrong lol

Bubba was right. There were WoO prima donnas in his pits who didn’t really want to race. Why did they show up at all? My esteem for some of these big stars has really fallen, but I like the guys who did race more than ever.


One thing about Bubba is he has no problem speaking up right or wrong lol[/QUOTE]

Not afflicted with self doubt either.

What happened?

Sunday night, after 8 straight rain outs Bubba and the crew at BRP busted their ass to get the track functional. 4pm start time ended up being around 8 i think, and the WoO teams of Tony Stewart, Kahne, Lasoski, and a couple others decided they didn’t want a run on the wet track and they bailed on the show.

I’ve question Bubba’s attitude in the pass about working with “all” the dirt tracks in Florida because what he has said in the pass saying he was going to show them (Track promoters) how to run a dirt track or run them out of business.

But listing to this it sounds like Bubba is changing his tune. I’m happy about that. Maybe it’s because he’s been running Ocala for the pass 3 yrs or so and sees the ins and outs of owning a race track.

However I’m still waiting on a wheelchair section at Ocala before I come up there…

I doubt we’ll ever have more than Bubbas’ word for what happened there, but when a list of teams of that quality decide to skip a race there is more to it than " they didn’t want to get their cars muddy ".

You don’t just want “A wheelchair section”… that could be like NSS and be a section on ground level and blocked by fans walking past… you need a wheelchair section like they have at East Bay… ramps built up to a level that a person in a wheelchair could view the race “Without People Walking By” blocking the view. People in wheelchairs deserve a properly designed section and nothing less. Just saying… OSF

I don’t need Bubba’s word to be upset that they left. I plopped down my hard earned money to see a show of the biggest names in (dirt) Sprint Car racing. I waited for two days while Bubba and crew worked the track harder than I think I’ve ever seen a crew work on a track, only to have those guys pull up and leave.

Was it muddy? Yes. Was it the raciest track ever? No, but at the end second place (I think it was Madsen?)was catching the leader Blaney, they were RACING and I was more than satisfied with the show I got by the RACERS that stayed. Not one flip or accident caused by the surface.

King? More like Queen…

Edit: By the way there was not even ONE flip.

I am not sure but I suspect that there laws requiring access unfortunately that may stop at the parking lot. If however a track should decide to crate an area for wheelchairs it must be elevated or it is a waste of money.

Not being a butt but the laws also says business are to have handicap bathrooms, so it goes pass the parking lot.

However I agree with you and OSF if a wheelchair section is ground level with people always walking in front of you all night/day long it’s a waste of f%#king money!