Pro Truck Tech Inspector Named - Tommy King

Southern Pro Am Truck Series: Tommy King Named Tech Inspector

FOR RELEASE February 12, 2014
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Driver Seat Racing, Inc., managing sponsor of the Southern Pro Am Truck Series has named Tommy King as its 2014 tech inspector and series consultant. Mr. King, who has an extensive background with the Florida Pro Trucks, will not only be the series? pre and post race tech inspector, he will also consult on series management, work to align the series with other national pro truck series, and research possible rule revisions that will benefit the series member?s racing budget and safety. Upon agreeing to the tech inspector role, Mr. King communicated that, no matter a driver?s status or involvement with the series, each member will be properly inspected and treated the same.

In addition, the series has named Bobby Owens as its Field Representative. The series? field representative is responsible for assisting members at series events, membership growth, and networking with prospective and current business partners. Mr. Owens will consult on Driver Seat Racing?s pro truck driver development program and maintain the Driver Seat Racing?s pro truck racing fleet.

?The addition of Tommy King and Bobby Owens improves the series? integrity,? noted Jim Reppi, President of Driver Seat Racing, Inc and Southern Pro Am Truck Series. "With Tommy and Bobby?s comprehensive understanding of pro truck racing, their impressive seat time in the pro trucks and experience fabricating stock cars, they will be a great resource for our current and prospective members.?

Jim Reppi, the company?s president, has a wide range of business experience and a love for circle track racing. Jim currently owns a business consulting firm called The Rep Consultants. He provides sales management, marketing strategies and product/service implementation for national companies.
?I had the fortunate opportunity to build Jim and his Dad their pro trucks, and through the years Jim has proven to be a true professional. To have someone with a strong business sense, follow-through and a passion for the pro trucks, the series is lucky to have him,? said Bobby Owens.
For racing schedule, rules, and inquiries or to contact a representative of the Southern Pro Am Truck Series, please call 1-877-883-1082 or email

If you have a pro truck or are thinking of driving one, please race with or join us this Sunday February 16, 2014 at Bronson Speedway (Archer, FL). Pit gates open at noon and racing begins at 2 pm. Membership to the series is free and you can register at


If you are illegal, just tell Tommy that it was caused by central bankers, and he will let it go.

Bring back the tommy king show!

Tommy King will bring a level playing to the Series.

[B][SIZE=“3”]Tommy knows how to make the rules BLACK and WHITE. The main reason for Teams to complain (perception is reality) will depend on how level the playing field is keep. Most of the calls I have received is to complain that the rules are not enforced and that’s why they have parked their trucks. Form 1995 till 2010 there has been over 300 truck built in Florida. The level playing field and the forward marketing program will make the Teams value to the Series and the Tracks much more that just showing up and RACE!!!

As far as Bobby Owens he is one of the truck builders (ATR’s, Pletcher, Cope, American, Billy Rider, AMF, Faulk, and King Racing all made and maintained trucks for the FASTRUCK Series) an he has been in the Truck Racing since 1998. He was the ARTS Alaska Champion before he moved to Florida and join the FASTRUCK Series.

Jim Reppi also was part of the Series and has been in the World of Marketing and Business his whole life. I spoke to Jim and he is very committed for the long run. When we started FASTRUCK’s we had a rent a ride program. It sold over half the trucks for the Series drivers. A sound business plain will give the Teams a reason to dust off the Trucks and get back on track. As well as getting new blood in the Series.

I also spoke to Mike Faulk Marketing at Lee Faulk Racing (great to talk to him again). When they were a Florida based Company (before relocating to NC) they made many of the FASTRUCKS and the Fast Kids some of the Top Teams in the Series. He said that he has had over a 100 calls from Racers that had interest in the SPAT’s Series. He is looking forward to the Drivers knowing their name when they are looking to move up the ladder of racing.

Just thought this may answer some of the questions.
Thanks for all the support for the Team that made FASTRUCK successful.
Bobby Diehl
813-817-RACE (7223) [/SIZE][/B]:ernaehrung004:

Good summary, thanks for the information. Let’s hope this series grows. You’d think SPATS ( what a dumb name ) could have issued all this at the beginning in their very first announcement instead of trying to hide all their names

All that sounds good but do something with that name please.
good luck.

Pro trucks
Parts pro trucks
super trucks
Fast trucks
spit on trucks ??


[B][I]Without a doubt, the name ‘‘par excellence’’ is ‘‘The World of Outlaw’’, but it’s already taken.

There are 258 synonyms (I checked) for ‘‘Outlaw’’. I’m sure with a little brain searching, somebody could come up with some ‘‘catchy’’ names.[/I][/B]

Ok, instead of SPATS, try SPUTTER. The acronym means Simply Put, Ugly Trucks That Enter Races.

How about combining FUPS and SPATS? You could call it FATS, Forget About This Series. Or perhaps SPUPS, Some Pretty Underpowered Pure Stocks.

Kidding aside, the name doesn’t bother me and I hope they have a fun and productive racing season.

[SIZE=“6”]’‘The Wild Bunch’’[/SIZE]

“STS”= southern truck series.

“SSTS”= southern states truck series.

Spats is just not a good name, it is almost as bad as FUPS