NSS Friday Night

Man, I was worried we were going to get rained out but they hustled and got it going 2 hrs late. The ONLY thing I didn’t care for was the 50 lap mini race for 7 cars. They ran it first to dry the track I guess and also Cou Ted cautions but it was a lame race.

The SLM race was one for the ages Wallace Nasse Moore Hayley etc they put on a hell of a show. Lots of passing in both grooves. Very impressed.

Bon signore was my pick for the Richie Evans race even coming from the back due to points based starting spots. Thought coby might do better. Kinda boring till the end when they all seemed to get caught up.

Pro late race was exciting w Harrison Burton impressing the hell out of me by passing and re passing Brad may for the win.

Great night of racing.

And Steven Wallace ?

I thought he did a hell of a job…amazingly.

To Stevens credit, he didn’t do anything all week to make me like him less… but I still can’t stand him.

ell Jerry tell us about the big car count and full stands. I saw you doing a lot of promoting of speedweek. Im sure all ur friends came to support your show.
Glad it was great for you.


Steven lived up to his reputation on Saturday night…Just ask Ryan Moore.

Didn’t Ryan Moore get canned from JR Motorsports for rough driving? Maybe Steve drove him like he should’ve been?

The MOD Reunion was a little down on car count this year, but I think mainly for the threat of rain. A few pulled out when the rain started about 3:30, but those of us who stayed got a treat. Close to 50 laps to help dry the track was fun even though a few ran out of gas. I only put about 5 gal. in the tank for a 10 lap race and it was in my mind when I pulled off after about a 1/2 hour of quick laps. Checked the tank, it has a NASCAR set up with a dipstick, and it was empty… Close call there.:sprachlos020:
Had a blast with my ‘toy’…
Thanks Jerry for the event…

The threat of bad weather was DEFINATELY a factor on Friday. Nearly everyone I spoke to that DID come, said they had thoughts of turning around as most drove through rain to get there. Some were as close as 2 miles from the track before getting out of the rain.

Still, we had 21 Vintage Cars turn out, and that’s not bad in anyone’s book.

Jim… Thanks AGAIN for your consistent support. You & Virginia are always a pleasure to be around. Love you both…!

Cool story here about the Vintage guys… these guys are in it for the FUN.

Ron Hess was having rear end troubles in his #34, so he pulled in. Tobi Smith in his 2x got a left front flat. Ron gets a wrecker to lift his front end to remove his tire, and then installs it on Tobi’s car so that HE can go back out.

Pretty cool when one racer figures out how to help someone else have fun.

Tobi wound up getting a TON of laps, and had a huge smile afterwards.

Classy move Ron Hess…!