Open Practice at SpeedWorld

Open practice this Friday evening 6-10pm… $12 per person…

Season opener next Friday, March 7th…

Was this open practice posted on the website?

No it wasn’t… Only on Facebook… I really don’t have anything to do with either site right now, just trying to pass along the info…

Are u announcing there again?

Yes… I guess that should bring out the fans! LOL

Dave chuckles… but it is true. He will put some butts in the seats just for the fact that people love to hear him on the mic.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people say “Man, its good to hear Westerman again”.

No other announcer ever made me spew beer through my nose before I even got TO the front gate. When you can hop out of the car, and Dave makes you bust out laughing, that’s a great start to my night at the races.

When I was the flagman at OSW years ago, it always amazed me how a new car would pull onto the track that I had not seen before, and Dave would tell everyone on the PA who he was and where he was from. Dave always had his homework done.

What kind of turn out did they have?

I heard they had about 11 cars total 8 of them strictly stock if I heard wrong someone can correct it .

Osw practice

More than 11 cars. Didn’t take a count, half a dozen or so strictly or super stocks, 2 modifiers, 2 late models, 3 Pro Trucks, couple legends, probably missing a couple. Practice was well run and they kept it moving along. Had tires and tire man there (Donnie).

Spoke to Butch Carr, Sr. this morning… There were 22 cars and 67 people in the pits…

What tires are the Modifieds going to be on? Which class of Modifieds is it going to be, E-Mods or Open Mods?

I’ll find out for you Dave…

OSW will be running open Modifieds on 8" slicks… E-Mods are welcome to run as well (a good E-Mod can be very competitive at OSW) and can run 8" slicks as well rather than the treaded tires they must run at NSS… We are not going to run split Mod classes… just one class… Only one exception is dd38’s car that must run an open drag chute at all times… it’s just soooo fast! Hope to see you running as a regular David!

David, I’ll be going on the 14th. let me know if you are racing that night. Dave I have a CD I got from Mrs Mobley that has some of your racing photos. I’ll bring that to you on the 14th also. See ya’ll then.

Oneoff! All retired and back in the game. That is good news for one of the nicest guys around.

Thanks Rex, we will see you at Desoto in a couple of weeks.

I think I enjoy daves annoucing more than the race sometimes :slight_smile: