Bronson Speedway racing Sunday 3/2/14

I was thinking of checking out Bronson on Sunday and wondering what kind of sportsman field they might draw.
Auberndale, Citrus and Showtime are not running them this weekend so I was hoping for a good turn out- any sportsman drivers heading there Sunday?

btw- It looks like they had a decent turnout for their mod race a couple weeks ago, anyone on here go to that?

We had 12 MODS start,10 finished. I broke a u-joint at half way…

That’s not a bad field of Mods. Too bad Mrs. Young refuses to let anyone know about it, and ass-chews anyone who tries to inform the rest of us.

hmm… not much of a response to this post. I thought that there would be a little positive feedback since they are racing Sunday instead of Saturday night, and the sportsman were off at Citrus last night.
Guess I’ll rethink about driving for 2 hours (one way) on such a nice day- stay home and just work on my junker.

What is there to post?

A nice little track thats being run into the ground by its owner(S) I went there for a Fups scheduled truck and sportsman split card last summer.One truck showed up and 8 sportsman.Being generous here maybe 125 people in the stands.A nice little facility that could be so much more.It really isnt worth meaking a long drive out of the way for.If you are in the area maybe.

2 things that need to happen there:

NEW OWNERS… no personal offense intended, but no one has a clue how to even ATTEMPT to be successful.

Cover the damn thing with dirt. Asphalt hasn’t worked and don’t expect much better fields even WITH new owners. Racers aren’t very close to this remote track, but if they don’t go head to head with every other Saturday track, I bet they’d pull some cars in from NFS, Ocala… maybe even Southern Raceway in the Panhandle.

Otherwise… my crystal ball sees bulldozers in its future.

I went to UF from the mid to late 90’s and went to Bronson a few times, went up to Lake City (Columbia County) as well a few times. Bronson had it going on when I was there. It was crowded and rowdy and fun. But in 15 years, asphalt racing in South GA and North FL is hurting big time.

Albany GA - went to Dirt
Ocala - went to Dirt
Lake City - open closed open closed etc
South GA Motorsports - open closed etc
feel like I’m forgetting another track…

I may be wrong, but a lot of those asphalt guys have gone to dirt and they aren’t coming back. I’m more of a dirt fan now too.

If Bronson can’t turn it around with Ellisville being closed then there really is no hope.

As for putting dirt on Bronson, I’m no expert but you got Bubba 45 minutes south and North FL 45 minutes north. That’s just too many tracks within 90 miles. Plus Putnam when they are open. I’m a panhandle guy myself, and I don’t think any Southern guys would drive over. There are 4 South AL tracks (Deep South, Flomaton, Dixieland, and Smokey Harris) that they would go to before going to Bronson, or even North FL.

Maybe that whole Gainesville area is drag racing / Garlits country?

A few years back when Cope still had it they tried friday nights and it worked pretty good. So good they had intended to go Fri nights the next season but changed it back to Sat last minute. They picked up a fair amount of Citrus drivers for the time they did run Fridays. I think either going that route or poss Sunday early-mid afternoons could work as well. Going dirt would have worked if they had done it before Ocala did but agree to many dirt tracks for it to help to do so now. It’s a good and fun track to race but as long as the present owners run it the way they are and keep trying to compete with Citrus I don’t see them improving.

Its a nice little track

The facility is not in that bad a shape,it does have some location issues but that alone really shouldnt sink it.Up in Ohio there is a blacktop track called Shady Bowl speedway that you need to take a bag of bread crumbs with you to help you find your way out of the place at night its so out in the cornfields.It has operated since the late 30s or early 40s and has consistently drawn decent crowds and car counts.A place like Bronson needs to run on a friday or sunday and have 2 or 3 classes(of at least 2 should be sportsman ,mods or trucks)that run EVERY week and switch out 1 or 2 lower teir classes every week or two.It just truly NEEDS to make its OWN identity.

Bronson is a fun little track and its sad that its in the shape it is in.Its not the location, its Ann Young that’s the problem. A select few track owners are putting themselves out of business. Its funny, I race the ChumpCar Series for next to ZERO payout and drive 12-14 hours one way to a race because its fun, organized and the promoter and regional director have their shit together. The only track in central Florida that knows how to fill seats and the pits is Showtime. The rest have either pissed everyone off with their politics and shady dealings or have no clue as to what the racers want or need (Bronson)