And the winner is!

BUBBA SPEEDWAY over 60 cars.Showtime and Citrus wont have that count combined.Showtime had 7 sprints no posting for Citrus yet, guessing Citrus won tha arguement.
Dirt Rules just saying…

Seriously? Brp had 8 late models show up for $3000 to win. Far from winning. I’m sure eastbay had more. The citrus showtime thing is a joke. Citrus had 20 I heard

I’m a big BRP fan but 5 classes 60 cars. Not quite sure i’d call that a winning night sadly. I thought about going but i think he charged 20$ to get in. With only 60 cars i think i made a good choice to hang out at the house. I really hope this isn’t any indication of how the season is going to go.

69 cars in 5 classes at EB according to the results. 14 late models. It’s early in the season, i’m sure more cars will get done and show up in the coming weeks.

I don’t think we’re gonna see any big car counts anywhere just yet. The season is just beginning, there will be more cars out as the year goes on. Desoto had a good field of OWMs, decent crowd, and perfect weather.

Car counts?

I also see that Marion County is going to try again this yr?, really smart 4 tracks within a 2 hr. drive for me that all want to run the same night, deja vu all over again? Competing with a weekend mud bog deal where you can get wet, dirty, and drink all the beer you want?

Marion County is a different beast, I don’t really think they compete with those other tracks all that much. I plan to do most of my mini sprint racing there this year, as long as they can get the racing done at a reasonable time.