To answer many on my health issues ..

Many of you have asked and many have prayed after I asked folks to without giving to much information. I am a private kind of guy and I know many people have enough of their own problems so I try not to hit everyone with mine. Praying is the best thing anyways.
First off nearly 5 years ago I suffered a mild stroke and I am a diabetic, so the concerns and my over busy schedule were causing issues. While at my yearly physical and a check up some numbers in my blood concerned my doctor so I was sent for further tests, then a procedure and I was diagnosed with tumors on my colon and gallbladder, both cancerous. Monday the 24th I underwent surgery to remove the cancer. The surgery went well and the doctors shared that they felt they got it all, and that it was contained. I am undergoing some treatments to be sure and am healing well. I will however have to keep my life more simple with less stress in the future. I do appreciate all the prayers and encouraging words I have received. I know we will not always see eye to eye, but I appreciate the racing community and the friends I have made over the years. Thanks again I wanted to do this so I could try to answer without telling it all to many times :slight_smile: again thanks !

Good Luck to you, and prayers for a speedy and full recovery…Vince

You nailed it Rick, stress is a killer. Its amazing that you still want to be involved at all given the magnitude of the health problems. I can’t ever see myself walking away from this crazy sport, so I’m sure it would be tough for you too.

Hoping for a full and quick recovery!

Get well Rick,

I think Rick would be at the races even if he were in a plastic bubble LOL… Certainly what you’ve been going through is no laughing matter… just take care of yourself and get out to the races when you can… you are more than welcome to come out and help keep me awake at SpeedWorld (just kidding)… The most important thing is the charity race which should be even bigger this year… I’m gonna try and get some of the Living Legends group to attend and sign autographs… just something else you can promote and get a few more fans…