$25 rip off?

I just read a release that sad $25 to reg your car for the season?
Now they want to charge every one $25 for the right to buy a pit pass and bring your car.
come on.
Sorry I just posted something about not crying about the tracks but this doesent make any sence.
Someone in the know tell me how this works?? What do u get for ur $25.
looking for a response.

Don Nerone

They must know what their doing.:confused::confused::sprachlos020:


Paper work fee,for youre 1099,register youre number,etc ,etc.
But so far Ive only encountered a fee at tracks that don’t make you buy a license(nascar).

Who is chargeing the 25 fee?

haven’t seen a $25 fee but paid $10 at Bronson on Sunday.
And Citrus has charged me $10 in the past for youre number.

That has been going on for 30 years and no one ever wins but oll you have to do is pick witch one you want to go to .
You don’t have to go to any race but talking trash about a track is stupid.
Go ware you want and this stuff will seak it own level.
ever hear support you track?
The next line isent …throw rocks at the other ones.
Try to not talk about the ones that you don’t like.
There are 3 kinds of press
1 good
2 bad
3 none
I would like 1 or 2 but 3 will kill a track fast.
Beat your drum Tracks its ok.


What track is doing this?

[QUOTE=williston19;142352]haven’t seen a $25 fee but paid $10 at Bronson on Sunday.
And Citrus has charged me $10 in the past for youre number.[/QUOTE]

The $10 fee at Bronson was for the 1099. I even had my own already made out because I knew it would be asked for. Nearly 40 years self employed and NEVER charged a fee for a 1099 for my files. It just sets in a drawer till tax time… ???

well geez Jim…they have to fill it out…:aetsch013:

Seems a little out of order for tracks to charge for filling out paperwork that the law says they have to fill out. It’s not like they’re doing a favor for the racers.
But the reverse could also happen I guess. Racers charging tracks a fee for bringing cars to tech. Charging a fee for time wasted when signing in at the pit gate when there’s only one employee doing the signing in. Charging a fee for having to go to drivers meetings.

HUH??? … mine was already filled out and signed…
Oh, OK… Your just being funny. I see.
See youse soon Harry…

Southern tracks are some of the most innovative(outrageous) people when it comes to finding ways to charge what is the equivalent of the stars of their show. It won’t fly in Hollywood. It would be very interesting and embarrassing if Ernie Sexton would devote a part of his race promoters workshop to this issue. He puts on a RPM workshop every speedweeks. Hell in the north some tracks still pay tow money. I remember in the 50s Eau Gallie and Orlando both paid tow money and not just to the stars. This is why you will continue to see smaller fields except for special payouts.

[QUOTE=ocalasp76;142393]HUH??? … mine was already filled out and signed…
Oh, OK… Your just being funny. I see.
See youse soon Harry…

Did they still charge you the $10?
Since you knew what they were up too?

Dirt track in Accord NY tacks on a fee for the ambulance when entering the pits…I paid $147 for me,my wife,and 12yr old daughter for a regular Friday nite show to enter the pits.:huh:

Oh you stop your lying, everything runs like clockwork up north and no one ever complains, ever.

I’ll ask the question for the third time in this thread…which track are you referring too, Don ?

Well, unless we all missed something it was NOT OSW. We did have to fill out a form saying where the 1099 should go to but no fee.

A-dale charges reg. fee

Auburndale, paid it the first race of this year. But they have been doing that for about ten years now.

Sure they do. They complain because the concessions run out of food some nights. They complain because Albany-Saratoga was getting 50 cars some weeks in just the sportsman division alone, and that takes a while to get through. They complain because who wants to drive all the way down to Grandview to race a 358 modified for 2,650$ to win every week? They complain because if you pull into Williams Grove on a Friday night a little bit late you might not find a place in the stands to sit. They complain becuase super-promoter Brett Deyo keeps putting on races that literally sell race tracks out, and he does it at a reasonable cost to the fans with a very good payout to the drivers. Crazy crap up there, so much to complain about!

Oh yes, they do complain there too. And I’ve been to Accord and never paid anywhere near that much, but it’s been 8-ish years since i was there.