Thought the show was great tonight. Have not seen that many cars in the pits in a while. Butch Sr and the other old guy (I don’t remember his name) did great running things tonight. Where is Jim Jones? Must suck to win but not get to celebrate with the flag shot. I think this was a sign of good things to come so if you stayed home this week to see how it irons out come out next Friday.

HELL YEAH!!! Couldn’t agree more. Good amount of cars, good racing, tires, fuel and food…Us drivers spoke out after practice Friday and Butch listened and did the best to do everything he said they would do.
Track crew did a great job making sure everyone got to practice and was on top of game with getting races moved along and any wrecked cars off the track quickly. It was cold as a %&$#@ but nothing they could really do about that.

Both my cars came off track and back on trailer under their own power so I would have to say a great night all together.

Yes… OSW!! Great car count and as previously said the guys/gals working the track did a great job.

We need to keep the car count up and get folks in the stands. IF everyone tells a few peeps to come out (for $12) they will see a good show. It WAS cold but there were fans there. It’s good to down the front straight on the pace laps and see all those people.

Let’s keep it going…

Great job Speedworld !!!
DAMN, that was fun !!!
“Friday nights under most of the lights”

[QUOTE=cake;142407] Where is Jim Jones? Must suck to win but not get to celebrate with the flag shot.[/QUOTE]I think I saw that Jim had stated on his FaceBook page that he was asked “not to return to Orlando SpeedWorld”, or something to that effect.

Yea my buddy said the srictly stock v8 class had the most cars 12 the 4 cylinders had 5 trucks had 9 super stocks 9 legends 5 so whats that 40 cars.

Agreed, that was a much better night than I have seen there for some time. The car count improved to 40, but the races were really good. For example, the Pro Trucks were the best of night. The super stocks and strictly stocks all put on good races too.

That was the type of show that could win over new fans. Its been a few years since I said this, but now we can confidently take friends and family to the track, and not be embarrassed. Our guests will understand why we love racing, they will have a good time, and may even become race fans like us.

I can’t wait for next week!

Any size car count is an improvement at OSW. Sounds like Butch and the other old guy are doing something right. Desoto has come back real big, now OSW is showing signs of life and NSS seems to be doing well. In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, it looks like Florida asphalt racing might be on the mend. Glad to see it!

Speaking of lights…

I don’t know if it was by accident or by design, but I saw a cool improvement last night. The light fixtures are missing from the pole outside turn 2; they have been gone for a long time. Last night, the track set up temporary lights in the infield that pointed toward the wall.

When the lights were on the pole, the fans in the stands saw the drivers side of the racecars, and they were always in shadow. Last night, the fans saw the drivers sides illuminated from the infield lights, and I thought it looked great! They looked faster, brighter and just different. Next week, put a light in the infield of turn 3 also!

If you were in the pits, you only saw the light in your eyes, but from the stands it was a different and much improved perspective.

One word. Payout. I know racing is not about making money, cause you sure as hell will not make any in short track racing, but to cut payout for some classes then only pay to 10th place (11th on back gets nothing) that’s just not good business. You think they’d wanna give a little encouragement to have you come back. I can go to Orlando gran Prix and not put out as much money and have just as much fun. I love Orlando, it was my first track I raced at… My home track… And I have supported it through all the bs that’s happened. But there has to be somethin said. I hope someone important sees this and doesn’t take it as bashing but as a personal opinion. People are aloud to have opinions right?

We were in the stands, and froze our butts off. Stayed to the very end out of respect for the drivers. It was a wonderful night of racing. It was good to hear Dave announcing again.

We will be back. :slight_smile:

The chicken, the egg or the omelet? Aka, cars, payouts, fans?

Also, buggy driver, Scott ponder was fired for saying somethin bout the payout. As a parent/car owner. Got told he was showing his ass. When all he was doing was standing up for the drivers. 30 year veteran and has been there through everything Orlando has gone through. He was sticking up for the drivers.

It’s the first night back open! Couldn’t you have waited 3/4 weeks to make sure there was still going to be a track before expressing opinion about payout.

Nope, cause if opening night is a preview of what’s to come then I’d rather say something. Was also told if we didn’t like it we could go somewhere else, what a great way to keep em comin back.

for some OSW strictly stocks and 4 cyl drivers

you guys shoulld know who you are


also maybe do a but a bit of body work and replace some of those pannels. and how bout numbers that dont look like theyre spray painted on. thing its time for the track to have some sort of appearance award

Or you could have just gone somewhere else they will get the message sooner or later. Maybe that’s their way of being tired about what is written here.

I would like to know if you can’t do better than 10th what are you adding to the show other than another car making laps. All the spectators that go to a race go for the competition not just to see cars going around in circles. Besides how many classes had more than 10 cars I would say until there are more than 10 cars in a class you are complaining for no reason.

Honestly, you know what you are in for when you show up to race. If you think you are getting rich OR even breaking even, then you are wrong. It was the first night of racing. Let them get everything together.

I am a paying customer, I come to see racing. A bunch of people with a need for speed, that can compete and be friends after the race. That will treat my kid with respect andset an example, as he wants to be you one day.

Is it really worth the fight over a few dollars???

i think people should just man up and race.