Pro Truck Race-Purse Incentive at Bronson 3/29

Driver Seat Racing and the Southern Pro Am Truck Series has posted the Bronson Speedway?s March 29th Pro Truck race payout schedule. To view or download, please visit or copy past this link into your browser:

No natter the truck count, it is at least $1,000 to win, guaranteed. Please know that Bronson Speedway is providing a great incentive for our Pro Truck drivers and purse contribution. They have agreed to support our series in any way they can, so please take the time to review the schedule payout and how the purse will grow. Please pre-register for the race at

Good to know:

  1. Every pro truck that starts the feature race will receive 100% of their entry fee back
  2. Bronson Speedway will give out three - $25 Texas Road House gift cards to the first three pro truck drivers that enter through the pit gates.
  3. Each driver will receive a Southern Pro Am Truck Series t-shirt at registration.
  4. If in the event of a rain out, the Series will be able to pay your pit entry fee for the following series race or the next make up race at Bronson.
  5. In the event of a rain out, all pro truck drivers that have paid their entry fee (there or not) will receive first place points.
  6. As part of our partnership with Lee Faulk Racing, remember that our 2014 Series Champion will receive an all expense paid trip to the Lee Faulk Racing and Development facility to showcase their skills with an all-inclusive full day of testing in their late model. The Series is looking for additional sponsors to support our Champion for a opportunity to race in their N.C. late model series.