Great night at auburndale!!! We had a fabulous time… Thank you to the drivers that came out.

I had a great time too! After the heat, I was kind of grumbling at myself, but we made productive changes and were much faster the feature.

Street Stock

Any one know how long the Street Stocks are running the tires at a competitive

How many Sprints?


14 sprints

Joey Aquilar

A couple thoughts about Auburndale Speedway…I congratulate them for giving us a very clean racing surface! It was great, and it helps the show. How? There are fewer cars running over junk and getting flats. During the feature, there was quite a build-up of oil dry, but that was from a blown engine. At the start of the night that track was clean, and I thank them for it.

Anyone who races Auburndale will understand this one: during my heat race, we were staring directly into the setting sun. It dropped right over turn one, so all the way down the front straight, the sun was in our eyes and it was unnerving. Until you can figure out how to keep the sun safety above the horizon, I suggest that corner would be good place for a big ole’ billboard! Maybe it will keep the racing safer?

Although I am not a regular visitor, I do enjoy stopping there, and I thought this crowd was much bigger than normal. One of the officials said that the TBARA attracted “the biggest crowd in at least a year”, so I hope we get to run there again soon!

and for those who still use open face helmets.

Oh yeah? Well none of those things are any good if your helmet is on backwards, ever think of that?

if your helmet is on backwards the sun shouldn’t be in your eyes then

if your helmet is on backwards the sun shouldn’t be in your eyes then

hey boney

Just do like any good racer would do and when you see the wall getting real close real fast CLOSE YOUR EYES AND HOLD ON !!!