My thoughts on 3/22 DeSoto racing

Overall it was a good night of racing despite the antics at the end of the race with those upset with Joey Aquilar’s win, very unprofessional. Also what was disappointing was the announcer for the TBARA, who apparently liked listening to himself talk. Couldn’t he hear the catcalls from the stands? What should have been a fairly early night of racing was not so and mainly due to his announcement style. He was unable to pronounce many of the drivers names and he’s been announcing the entire 3 race season with them? The racing itself was a great one especially with the street stocks. The new owners at Desoto should be proud of doing the good job they’re doing and I’m sure as the weeks go on things will continue to get better.
One final note, every week Chaplin Dick Stone says an excellent prayer before the race and respect is shown by the fans with quiet and heads bowed. But when the fans are asked to salute the American flag and place their hands over their heart you can see masses of people who do not do this and many talk right through it. What has happened to patriotism in this country when we cannot acknowledge the American flag and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner? We as fans certainly can do better than this!

I watched a guy and his wife standing (he with his hat on) during the first part, then when the National Anthem started… they started walking through the crowd to get up to their seats… I yelled at them for walking, and they told him to take his hat off…
However, when I got to my seat, I thought about “Freedom” that we all enjoy (one way or another)… I like to give respect to our country for that freedom and for those that fought for that freedom (myself included)… but then I began to think… we American’s also have the freedom to NOT show respect…that man and his wife must enjoy that type of freedom (and probably thought I was one LOUD, GROUCHY SOB to be yelling like I did…guess they have that right… it all boils down to how we we raised…some raised good that show respect and others that just don’t know better… (perhaps in-breeding has something to do with it), OSF

No one seemed to like the announcer, he does like to hear himself talk. As for the president of TBARA, he needs to go. Totally unprofessional.

I can overlook a lot of things the TBARA does or doesn’t bother to do because i love the sight and sound of sprint cars, especially on pavement.
We enjoyed the show greatly, and thank you Desoto Speedway for all the work you guys are doing to put the place back at the head of the field where it belongs.
In my view, the people in charge of the TBARA have often been it’s worst enemy. Calling them clowns would be an insult to clowns. The pitiful display at Desoto post race was just another in a very long and sad history of that bunch. I’ll still come out to watch them when i can, but even the most ardent fans are about done with the lack of management in that organization.

First trip to DeSoto in years and saw some really good racing. Sprints were awesome as always, although only 16 showed. These are low numbers compared to the old TBARA but are falling right in line with the new re-grouping, and I am sure the TBARA will once again grow to its past numbers. My issue with the announcer is the use of the nicknames. Last night he called Scott Adema and Sport Allen both Superman. Old sprint fans know this moniker belongs to David Steele. Wild Child is still remembered as the old starter for TBARA and not Ben Fritz. Sure Fritz deserves a nickname as his driving is steadily moving upwards. Still a great show with the final battle between Aguilar & Butler, which did create some fireworks at the finish line. Good to hear Aguilar once again called the Ace and not Mr Excitement. The support divisions were very good as well. Street Stocks, Pro 4’s, Cowboys, mod minis, minis all put on nice events. Really enjoyed the Streets and Pro 4’s. Night was well worth the price of admission and we plan on making some more trips to DeSoto this year. Cope and gang doing a really nice job bringing this track back to life. Just wish the track was a little closer to me. DeSoto track announcers were very informative and entertaining. Seemed to be many, many happy race goers in the large crowd. Thanks for the great night…see ya soon !!!

Heeyy denman!!!

Yep… in my book there is and always be only ONE Mr. Excitment… that’s Jimmy Cope… he could wheel a car and I have many times traveled across the state to watch him race… nothing better than watching him and Dickie Anderson battle it out…(another great driver)…Now, Mr. Excitment is taking Desoto to a new higher level (and knows how to do it)… he knows how to bring “Excitment” into the show… like reversing the first 12 cars in the recent SLM Race… that’s how he grew up… had to drive through the field to win…“Back in the Day”… they didn’t have follow the leader back then…OSF