TBARA sprints at De Soto

We had a pretty wild time at De Soto last night. I love that track layout; the long straights and tight corners make it a challenge to get ahold of. Even though I finished mid-pack, it still feels like we are going a million miles an hour around there. Fun!

Yes, we had some dissention and turmoil last night. Those things happen when the race is competitive, and when we have a close and controversial finish like we did. Nothing new here: racers have been fussing and arguing for generations. We are a big, noisy group and sometimes we get on each others nerves. We’ll always continue to polish the operation to put on a professional and entertaining show, even if we have to learn from mistakes to do it. It is live and unscripted…anything can happen.

There has been some criticism of our group on the internet today. Some fans in the stands saw and heard some things they didn’t like. It sounds like victory circle was not our finest moment either. Sure, the critics are paying customers with an opinion, and they should be heard. However, it would make more sense if the critics knew what was really going on before and after. The fact is, there was a lot more to it than meets the eye, but that doesn’t stop the bashers, does it?

I’ll close with a note about one of our members. On Wednesday of this week, our host track De Soto Speedway was participating in a race themed community event. Our TBARA teams are very helpful in providing show cars to support our events. However, this time the team that was going ended up cancelled suddenly on Tuesday night. Another team quickly cleaned and finished their car, and the car owner took a day of work and towed it 125 miles each way. He set up in the tracks booth, and spent the day at the event in support of the De Soto Speedway. How is that for dedication? The owner who did this is also our club president; a man who lives and breathes TBARA.

On to the next race…stay tuned!

Rex, I agree with you… What I am upset about is the example he set for the kids and his unprofessional behavior. The rules, regulations and personality conflicts can be resolved away from the public eye. I can care less who likes who over in your club. My kid was horrified, upset and wrote “you suck” on Shane butlers card, also was referring to the man with the mustache, the idiot jerk that was being mean!!! I didn’t take him all that way for him to have to see that. He thought all TBARA drivers were superheros till last night, including you! He was upset we were asked to leave the track so quickly during autographs, he wanted to say hi to you.

This is not the first time I have seen him behave this way… Its no wonder your driver count is down.

BTW. I have some nice photos of your car. Great effort last night.

Btw Rex. I know more than you think. Have a good evening.

" My kid was horrified, upset and wrote “you suck” on Shane butlers card "

wait a minute here- your kid who is 6 years old wrote “you suck” on someones driver card? sounds like you need to mow your own lawn and quit worrying about other folks yard! LoL

You are right, we talked over breakfast… Doesn’t change how he feels. I hate that, however pointed out they cannot all be as nice as joey Aguilar.