Driver safety initiative

This was take from Jake Perkins fan page on Facebook. I think it’s awesome that this young man would take the initiative to promote and educate on driver safety.

“In light of the many tragedies involving the loss of life and serious injury (including the most recent at Bubba Raceway Park) which have occurred at many tracks around the country, Jake Perkins and his team have taken initiative to start a not for profit corporation which will help educate drivers and promote safety at racetracks around the country. It is Jake’s hope that through this corporation he will be able to eliminate these all too often occurrences. Jake will soon be releasing the name of the corporation and it’s website address. Please stay tuned as we will be releasing new information. Thank you very much and our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families of those who have suffered as a result of a tragedy at a race track”

This could quite possibly turn out to be huge! I will post updates on the progress of the corporation on Karnac for those of you who are not on Facebook. You can also go to Jake’s website at for updates. Thank you.

Sean Strama

Jake Perkins Motorsports

I think this is great and believe it will make a difference. There are other groups around the country that can help also. I know a track champion lost his life in a fire, in front of the stands, in Texas a few years ago. He used the improper technique for getting out of a car when it was upside down and got caught. He removed his steering wheel before his belts and got caught on the steering column. An organization was formed that actually built a simulator that simulates a rollover so they could instruct drivers on properly getting out of a car. Let’s hope some good will come from this.

I am sure some good will come from this although don’t expect it overnight. Jack Smith and I fought for track safety probably ten years or so ago when a car at Ocala caught fire and there was no fire extinguishers and they threw dirt on it. In fact, I think there were quite a few incidents around the same time. That is when he found out that the meds in the ambulances weren’t really meds at all and could not help the driver who had a heart attack at New Smyrna in the pits at all. It took someone in the crowd to do the CPR on him (Mike Cope) but he did not make it. And we had the driver who hit the guard rail at the dirt track in Lake City that lost his head. Jack was furious and told me that we were fighting for track safety and driver safety. I think the man who got burned at Ocala had on an old firesuit that had holes in it and it did not protect him at all.

But it truly is a shame that it takes things like this for drivers, fans, track owners to take action and realize changes must be made. Bill Posey, who was a racer and track owner, got on our band wagon also to make our local tracks and the drivers safer.

I know some tracks do an inspection at the first race of the season and check all helmets, belts, and fire suits to make sure they are up-to-code and safe. But it is also the driver’s responsibility to put out some money and get good safety equipment. Hey, you are playing with your life so the least you can do is be as safe as you possibility can be. And that includes checking your ambulances for the right supplies they need and making sure your fire truck has enough extinguishers and the right kind.

Like I said, it should not take a young girl losing her life for people to wake up. They should have been awake before they even got into that car. I am just sorry that it takes sorrow for anything to get done.

If you need any help Jake, please let me know.