When you thought you had seen it all...

This weekend I watched two of the strangest races I’d seen for years. Friday at Orlando, you will never guess what the best race of the night was…Bandoleros! Yes, I’ve have a lot to say about this class over the years, but last week those young drivers went 3 wide for the last lap and put on a fine race.

Then the next night at New Smyrna, I was heading to the truck when I saw the strictly stock feature roll out with only 4 cars. Guess what? They had 3 different leaders and probably 6 passes for the lead. This tiny race wasn’t settled until the last lap, and it was a real surprise.

This is no slight to either track. Both Orlando and New Smyrna put on good shows, it just so happened that the most unexpected races turned out to be the really hot.

[B][I]In reality, 2 vehicules are enough to make a race…

Drag races are still 2, beside Charlotte. Drift shows are 2 competitors. Many times you watch a race, you will only watch 2 of the competitors battling each others, either 1st and 2nd, or they can also be 15th and 16th, if this is where the best part of the show is.

Good car counts are great, but at the end of the day, it always boils down to vey few cars battling each other for position(s) that gives the action of the show.

When they come down at the checkered 3 wide, who cares how any cars are behind!!!

Do not believe I’m all for 5 cars fields, far from there, but best part of races sometimes boils down to a few cars.[/I][/B]

and… because that Bandolero race was so good… Boney is renting one in a couple of weeks for his son to drive!

I’ve always said… I would rather see a small field of solid competitive racecars make up a field, than a big field with only a few competitive cars. We have 38 Street Stocks at Thompson here in CT that show up on any given night. There are only about 8 of them that could compete for the win. The rest either break or get lapped within 5 laps.