Good racing weather on the way for TBARA

Don’t panic…its going to be rainy for the next few days, but by sun up on Saturday, it is supposed to clear out. In fact, when the sprints hit the track on Saturday night in Orlando, the forecast is for low 70’s and a 10% chance of rain!

Hoping for a great night at Speedworld with the TBARA winged sprints, the Pro Challenge series roars back to life, antiques, strictly stocks and 4 cylinder figure 8’s.


GOOD Luck Boneman pull out a win:ernaehrung004:

Twice now in the last few days, I’ve heard radio ads for this race.

Gotta give Ozzy, or whoever, a lot of credit for trying to promote. I don’t think there’s much doubt that there’s more effort being put in at OSW this year… as was promised. They are crawling before attempting to walk, which might be a good strategy. If they can get a decent crowd through the advertising, I don’t think the TBARA portion will disappoint. The rest of the show…? Remains to be seen.

I’m hoping thier one-step-at-a-time approach works out.

Can’t wait for this weekend

Speedworld has rained out the Friday night show, but the SATURDAY race with the TBARA is on, and the weather forecast is much better too.