New Smyrna former Videographer? Dubois?

Friend of mine who I drive for occasionally asked me to check and see if I can find some old videos from when he raced in New Smyrna. The Videographer’s last name was Dubois he believes. Anyone able to help? I think it’s a longshot but if anyone would know, people here would.


That would be Chuck Dubois… He took over after Carl Mobley retired… Have no clue how to get in touch with him though…

Would love to somehow get in touch with him if anyone has any ideas. I really appreciate any leads anyone might have

ive got some of his old vhs tapes I know they have a phone number on them I can post it when I get home today

I found our old tapes from Mr. D. His phone number 904 253 3937.

Sweet! Thanks! Hopefully he still has some of the old videos! 98 and 99 are the years we are looking for.