the wedges are coming back

and each season it’s getting better-

shouldn’t be too long now and…

Sportsmen are already there LoL
outlaw late models at Bronson? a man can dream can’t he?
someone call Tim Pafford and let’s set up a series between Cordele and Bronson.
Outlaw late model border war! let’s get it on BABY!

I would go to Bronson and support them, I love them.

I’d love to see them added to 2-3 nights during NSS Speedweeks.

There’s a bunch of cars scattered throughout the Midwest, and a handful in the Southeast. Pulling a field of 20 or so isn’t far-fetched.

Besides, this track is exactly the type of track those body styles like. Fast in the straights, a bit of extra downforce in the banking.

now here’s a wedge!

just wanted to share a cool old wedge driven by a guy whose son was the champ a couple seasons ago- the K automotive sticker should give it away.

Not sure why you think they’re “coming back”. They never really went anywheres. Just that some tracks and racing series wanted to back to a more “stock-appearing” type Late Model body style back in the late '80s.

The Main Event Series has run that body style for years up here in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana: Photo is from 2013 at Sandusky Speedway.

Love It!!!

Amazing look, they really look mean. They look like euh… what’s the word??? Oh Yeah…A race car!!!

That 28 may the coolest late model I’ve ever seen.