Fups Is Dead

R.i.p. Fups

Yep, for over a year now. Hasn’t been missed very much, not many people even noticed. Who’s next to start a touring SLM/OWM/ series. I would encourage Jimmy Cope to do it in conjunction with Robert Hart. Those two, along with Critter, could really put a show together.

No Matt, not figuratively, dead literally. Word will be forthcoming. Wait for it.

The Bright House Challenge Series is currently being run between New Smyrna and Desoto. Desoto is getting ready for their second BHCS race on May 10. We all feel the first two races were a success and hope the series continues to grow. For the complete schedule visit newsmyrnaspeedway.org and click on Bright House. Thanks to everyone that has supported the series so far this year!

As per their Facebook page, it’s officially suspended for the 2014 season.


Well that’s a shame…it had such a great name going for it :sprachlos020:

"Well that’s a shame…it had such a great name going for it"--SBracer

Ya beat me to it. I mean, what were they thinking…?

So, who was at the switch at Auburndale anyway, the track promoter or FUP?

Seemed like at last year’s 100 lapper at Showtime–which up until Saturday night was about the wildest race I had ever seen, Yoho ran the show.

I like Yoho and Showtime, btw. Rough around the edges, no doubt, but at least there is no endless discussion/whining/etc.

[B][I]The Florida United Promoters Series announced today that they will suspend the balance of events for 2014. The series has struggled to land races at other tracks in Florida other than Auburndale Speedway for the last two years. It saddens and disappoints me to see the series has not grown as I had envisioned with the support of Florida’s tracks to join in hosting FUPS events, stated series director Rick Williams. We really tried to make this a series that the racers could be proud to support and be successful but unfortunately it just didn’t happen.

We would like to thank everyone from the competitors, sponsors, media associates, track owners, and most of all the fans that supported FUPS for the last three years. A huge thank you to Hoosier Racing Tires, Sunoco Race Fuels, Progressive Race Engines, Finish Line Fabrication, & Racecar Engineering for their support from the start.[/I][/B]

Good, that was a train wreck anyway.

I know it is a “tough guy” sport and all, but…man, there is a lot of heartache in racing.

Money, houses, health, wives… all have been lost to racing.

Somebody put a lot of time in the series, and am sure they had good intentions and a lot of time, if not money, tied up in the deal.

Am hoping they land on their feet and stay in the sport in some capacity.

I’m a panhandle guy, born and raised, and I’m very proud of 5 Flags and Mobile and the 2nd season of the new-ish Southern Super Series. That being said, I wish the best for super late model racing in central and south FL. So hopefully something better will come out of this. As a fellow Floridian, I’ve been embarrassed by what I read the last few days about that last f’ups race. No wonder speed51 stopped covering the series. Hope the good people involved with the series land on their feet as the dude above said