Who likes Mini Stocks?


For you northern transplants! Some great action from the New England Mini Stock Tour race from Sunday afternoon @ Stafford Motor Speedway!

As I said before, I know there are a bunch of northern transplants down here. I will try not to clog up the forums with non stuff FL too much but I know some guys really do enjoy this stuff and we appreciate your support!

Do keep in mind, I am a HARDCORE FL racing fan, so if anyone has incars, etc they can share with me from any tracks or weekly videos, I would LOVE to see them!



Mini Stocks!


Keep the Northern news coming. The more info & knowledge from all over North America, the better.

A lot of Southerners don’t care ‘how we do it up North’, but there are some great lessons that could be learned down here on how to host an ‘event’… and not just a RACE.

The New Smyrna Governors Cup is getting there… multiple days, people camping out, traveling from further distances to be there… but it’s still a long way from being a Snowball Derby, an All American 400, a Thompson World Series, a Milk Bowl…

Send ALL the info you can Phil… never apologize for contributing.

PS - I’ve seen several of these Sid’s View videos, and haven’t seen a bad one yet. They get some incredible footage, both overall views & in-car cameras. These guys do GREAT work. They even have their buddies comments about the action from time to time.

Their work is worth watching.

Love the Mini Stocks, that was a good race. Too bad they’re just about dead around here.

We really appreciate the kind words Frassion118. All of us on the SidsView video crew are drivers also with the exception of Sid himself who does most of the commentary on the videos. We love doing it for the fans who are spread across the country from this region and unable to get video updates on the races… Stay tuned… We had some DRAMA this weekend! I will post the video momentarily!