More Speedbowl Insanity from The North!

Who likes flying racecars? This was a WILD night to say the least…

Great video…nice production. Can’t believe how many cars had multiple HD quality cameras on them. That was very cool.

Thanks! A lot of the competitors allow us to use their footage, but we have 8 cams of our own, plus 3 handhelds and the main HD grandstand camera. We have a lot of fun doing it!

Awesome video… We enjoyed it. I miss watching those cars

I miss the 'Bowl. Great track to drive and always wild action. First track I ever turned laps at. I remember one night Jay Stuart hooked Bruce Thomas (his in-law!)and never lifted, driving him into the fourth turn wall. The ensuing melee resulted in poor Jay Lozniak’s Late Model taking off like a space shuttle. I had a birdseye view right behind him. The whole field wrecked so the race couldn’t continue. Wildest sh*t I ever seen. Theres video of it somewhere… And in the grandstands at the ’ Bowl…proof that rednecks exist in CT too.:laugh:

As always, great job by the Sid’s Vault crew.

Scott, if you ever find that video I would love to have it and I bet SID himself would love to have it for the archives!

I think my nephew might still have the dvd. I’ll ask him.

That would be excellent to see! Definitely let me know!

Sorry Phil. He says he loaned it out and never got it back. I believe it was in '06 or maybe '05. Maybe Sid can find it???

I’ll have to see if he has it tomorrow night when I see him at Thompson. I always wondered if they ever crashed so many cars that the race had to end haha

Who was declared the winner that night? Someone must have, no?

Yeah, somebody was declared the winner, but I can’t remember who. It sure wasn’t me! The frontstretch looked like a junkyard!

Scott, Sid does have the video. He’s going to bring it to me at some point. Glenn Colvin was declared the winner that night I also found out. Insane…