Heated Tempers and Flying Tires in the SK race at The Waterford Speedbowl in CT

Heated Tempers and Flying Tires… ENJOY!



Huge fan

I am a huge fan of the Sid’s View concept and of the speedbowl. Obviously the Sk mods are the crowd pleaser but I have give a round of applause to the support classes there. I mean every class had an average of about 18-20 cars. And from these videos it shows that these classes have great racing. I believe florida tracks can learn a lot from the speedbowl.

Here’s some supporting division action from Saturday as well.


The SK mods are our main focus, but we film every division weekly. Sometimes particular races get their own webisodes and sometimes we just do a highlight reel like this.

On a side note, because I am there I usually do not watch the entire video, just skim it because I am there and part of the action weekly. I did notice last night after I got done at the shop and sat down and watched this video that I have a little cameo of sorts starting at about 7:48 in the video! I guess my description on the condition of the camera was fairly accurate… “It’s Fucked”

With the way Rocco dominated the SK division the mods become sort of a yawner… Keep posting the support divisions… Very good job guys

Unfortunately he usually dominates the Late Models too normally lol! Most of the supporting division races are clean, respectful racing so it kind of makes for boring videos. Thankfully for us, modified drivers today seem to believe the nerf bar is there to use the car in front of you to slow down, so it makes some entertaining footage on the bullrings haha!

Thanks for posting these, loved the video. The production is great especially the in-car cameras. Seeing the drivers use their “chrome horn” and tires to push each other around is very exciting :aktion033: