A double shot of northern craziness!

Thursday, May 29th - Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park SK

Saturday, May 31st - Waterford Speedbowl SK

Some damn good racing at both tracks this week! Enjoy!


Here is some supporting division action for those who requested it also from the Speedbowl Saturday… If I may toot my own horn a little also, I crew chief that #83LM in the video. We spent all day Memorial day in the shop thrashing on the car. Found countless problems with the setup that was initially put into it by the previous owner and we addressed everything front to rear. Then loading up Saturday morning, we found a clutch issue and an hour before we had to be at the track we were still under the car putting everything back together with time running out. The video explains why this day was bigger than any other for us on the 83 team even though we came up just short.

Hey Phil. Did Sid ever get you the video of that big Late Model wreck from '06?

Nah, never got to see it. I tried searching it out online but no luck there either.