Gladiators/Hornets/Blast Cars

we have a few for sale all race ready.
2- 1998 accords 2.3 auto with Al’s racing cages,aluminum seats,new belts,fire extinguishers $2250.00 each. they are the #3 and #43

1 -1996 Accord 2.2 5 speed Al’s welding cage, aluminmum seat,belts, fire extinguisher $2150.00 the green #86

1-1992 Accord 2.2 auto ,roll cage,seat and belts. the red #5 $1250.00

1-1994 Integra 1.8 DOHC Chumpcar legal with spares $3500.00 Red #95

Rick M 352-256-1018 / 352-528-2494
all cars are race ready
of course they could all go dirt

FB_IMG_13973114705290605 (640x177).jpg

green accord 5 speed less seat $1500.00

red accord auto less seat $900.00

call 352-256-1018
need the room!

make offers all cars need to go

chump sold/thanks karnac

What cars are still available?

they are all sold, thanks karnac

Fast and race winning 1998 accord #3 for sale in above pic.
2.3 with automatic,pro built cage ,seat,new axle,belts,plugs,gaskets,optima,
race ready.
Located in Williston.
Has raced @ BRP,Citrus,Bronson.
321-282-8141 Tim
352-256-1018 Rick
Great for Enduros at Bronson.
Green car 86 is also available.
Pro cage,seat,belts.Comes with complete spare running car with engine that will need to be swapped in.(engine in car now has expired)
2.2 5 speed car
$1500.00 for both race car and spare car.