An Old Raceway Comes Back To Life---

Pennsboro Raceway—in West Virginia, shuttered for decades, home of the original Hillbilly 100, held on Labour Day Weekend, and attracted the likes of D.I.R.T. and STARS racers, is coming to life again.

For all you old-timer dirt fans, this is good news.

A chain cutting was had, and a new board of county directors, and off it was for the rebuilding of this old gal.

Mowing, bushhogging, weeding, painting of guardrails, plumbing, electrical, sound, poles and lights, fencing and cables, drainages, trees cut down, dumpsters filled, and dirt being tilled again.

This once famous raceway held horse, now car speeders. A long history is behind this.

This is good to hear again, as this Legendary Speedway comes back to life again.


After decades of NASCAR, the once popular North Wilkesboro Raceway, after decades of being shuttered, and coming back to life again with all the remodeling, and big races held there since that…has closed again.

[B][I]What made Pennsboro so famous then, would close a short track in a heartbeat today.

I hope and wish them the best, but reopening with the old design, I.E.: day race, dust, next to no toilets, sitting on the ground, all those things were acceptable with the old gang of fans . It was a grown man sport, now it’s a family entertainment.

Today, the way it was, you would close b4 you open.

And if they rebuild it up to today’s standards, it will just be another short track, and its famous history will be lost in the new wave of today’s racing.[/I][/B]