Modifieds=> 50 laps/$1000 to win @ Bronson Sat. Night

Hoping for a good OWM turnout at Bronson this Saturday.
mods only running at 2 other tracks (Desoto and e-Mods at NSS)



The website says some cars are coming up from central Florida- how about it modified drivers & owners, who’s going to Bronson this Saturday night?

5 Flags/Bronson doubleheader weekend

Modifieds on the card tonight at 5 Flags. Anyone out there going to attempt the double- 5 Flags tonight and Bronson tomorrow night?

Bronson is kind of a “mini” 5 Flags in a way so a little gear change and a tweak of the suspension and you should be good to go!

well I was hoping for a little more of a response…weather looks to be OK so I’ll check it out and hope to see some Modifieds- the Pure Stock class has been getting some decent car counts…

I have NO idea how you see any similarity between 5 Flags and Bronson.

I said “mini”- LoL
Banking and wide arching corners on a smaller scale…:stuck_out_tongue:

heading out to the “Bronson Bullring”- hope it don’t rain!

ScottPrentice, I think you been hittin’ the hippie lettuce. Bronson and Five Flags couldn’t be any different. Pensacola has the high banking and wide sweeping corners. 1 and 2 are high banked at Bronson and although not “wide sweeping” the exit of 2 is forgiving. However in 3 and 4 the banking falls off to near flat and the exit of four closes up to the wall in a hurry. Both are great tracks, just very different. I can’t wait to get back to Bronson next month.

rained out :frowning:

I don’t know about all that, but I do like Willie Nelson… and Stevie Ray Vaughan :smiley:

LOL! :musik010::cool008: