Desoto Speedway results 6-14

Thanks to all the drivers that came out tonight to support Desoto Speedway
also was one of the best super late model races tonight

Dutilly overcomes flat tire to win at Desoto
Desoto Speedway

All season long, Bradenton’s Jesse Dutilly had been fast in Turner Tree and Landscape Super Late Model racing at Desoto Speedway, but blown tires had cost him several shots at victories.
On Saturday night, not even another blown tire just eight laps from the end of the 75-lap main event could slow down Dutilly, who finally found his way into the winner’s circle at his home track for the first time this season. Polesitter Bill Bigley jumped out front to lead the first 12 laps with Joe Boyd and Chris Fontaine directly on his tail. Fontaine spun to bring out the yellow on lap 12, forcing to the rear of the 11-car field. On the restart, Bigley and Scofield staged a side-by-side battle for the lead for several laps. Scofield finally got the lead on lap 22, but found himself being challenged by Dutilly immediately after clearing Bigley. Scofield and Dutilly staged a hard fight for the lead for a few laps, with Dutilly finally gaining the advantage on lap 27. From that point, Dutilly set sail from the field and appeared to be on his way to his first win of the season until he blew a right front tire going into the first turn on lap 67. “I’ve got a way of finding debris out here and getting flat tires,” Dutilly said. "That was at least our sixth flat tire out here this year. That handed the lead to Scofield, but Dutilly wasn’t done yet after getting a quick change of tires from his crew. On the restart, Dutilly went from fifth to third and used another restart to get by T.J. Duke for second with five laps to go. Dutilly quickly got to Scofield and got by for the lead with two laps to go. He held on for one last resart and collected the win, much to the delight of the crowd that had waited out a rain delay of nearly two hours to see the main event. “This thing was super fast,” Dutilly said in victory lane. “We’ve put a lot of effort in and we’ve been working really hard to fix what we’ve been giving up at the end of these races. The car was just awesome tonight.” Scofield finished second, while Fontaine finished third.

In Saturday night’s 40-lap non-wing sprint car feature, Joey Aguilar paced the field for the first half of the race. As the leaders fought their way through lapped traffic, Sport Allen got under Aguilar going into turn one for the lead. Within three laps, Allen opened up a straightaway lead over Mickey Kempgens and Aguilar.
Allen jumped out front again on a restart just past the halfway point and was never seriously challenged again for the lead on his way to the win. Kempgens, Aguilar, Matt Alfonso and Steve Heisler rounded out the top five.
In other action Saturday night, Richard Nelson and Clint Snyder were winners in the combined Cowboy Cadillac and Bomber feature; Bradenton’s Dennis Wilson won the Street Stock main event; and Dean Butrum won the Modified Mini feature.

Next week, Desoto Speedway will feature the Dan Curl Twin 25’s for the Outlaw Modifieds, Pro Trucks and more.



Super Late Model

  1. 30 Jesse Dutilly Bradenton
  2. 6 Jeff Scofield Plant City
  3. 47 Chris Fontaine Lakeland
  4. 5k Daniel Keene Jr. Weekiwachee
  5. 28d T.J. Duke S. W. Ranches
  6. 28 Billy Bigley Naples
  7. 12 David Green Fort Pierce
  8. 42 Troy McNabb Naples
  9. 4 Dennis Colletti Bradenton
  10. 128 Dylan Bigley Naples
  11. 5 Joe Boyd Riverview
  12. 88 Sport Allen St. Pete
  13. 5 Mickey KempgensTampa
  14. 11 Joey Aguilar Tampa
  15. 9 Mat Alfonso Tampa
  16. 25 Steve Heisler Plant City
  17. 14 Richie Corr Plant City
  18. 2 Larry Brazil Tampa
  19. 92 Dave Retzlaff Brooksville
  20. 22 Johnny Gilbertson Dover
  21. 4 Geoff Styner Cape Coral
  22. 3 Travis BlieMeister Venice
  23. 63 Terry Taylor Dunedin
  24. 69 Rick Voisey Wesley Chapel
    14.39 Allan Randisi Port Charlotte
    Street Stock
  25. 42 Dennis Wilson Bradenton
  26. 80 Richard Nelson Port Charlotte
  27. 18 Logan Leonard Cape Coral
  28. 16 Johnny Allen Lehigh
  29. 77 James Dellea 3rd. Port Charlotte
  30. 7 Blaine Baer Port Charlotte
  31. 50 David Blanchard Bradenton
  32. 91 Ander Jackson Punta Gorda
  33. 86 Dale Reigle Bradenton D.N.S.
  34. 64 Bill Bowman Bradenton D.N.S.
    Modified Mini
  35. 32 Dean Butrum Venice
  36. 93 Jeff Firestine Venice
  37. 45 Mike Kerrivan Myakka
    4 6 Todd Freed Bradenton
  38. 05 Chris Thorton Venice
  39. 81 Travis Kirby Myakka City
    1.15 Clint Snyder North Port
  40. 39 Jerry Tetting Port Charlotte
  41. 10 Tristan Collins North Port
    Cowboy Cadillac?s
  42. 80 Richard Nelson Port Charlotte
  43. 63 James Wright Naples
  44. 5 Ed Snyder North Port
  45. 6 Kris Bridges Venice

Thanks for once again putting in the extra effort to get the show in. And a great show it was. It was nice to see Dutilly finally get one, they’ve run well all year. And please bring the sprints back, that was awesome.

Awesome racing last night

Something is wrong here. The sprint owners better get their stuff together…
A BIG purse and 14 feature cars? That has happened how many times now this year?

[QUOTE=Groundpounder;146409]Something is wrong here. The sprint owners better get their stuff together…
A BIG purse and 14 feature cars? That has happened how many times now this year?[/QUOTE]

It is like a high school lunch room… at one table the bullies
at another, the jocks
at another, the “cool kids”
and the rest just show up to race…

Only 11 supers???

Not looking good where are the racers pretty good pay for 75 laps…

[QUOTE=JWP;146424]Only 11 supers???

Not looking good where are the racers pretty good pay for 75 laps…[/QUOTE]

I’d say the threat of bad weather had a lot to do with racers not showing up. And the cars that did come out were top quality. But on the plus side, it helps weed out the whiners. With great pay-outs like this, the racers who don’t show up aren’t really racers. And over time, if the good pay-outs continue, racers in the lower classes will decide to move up to Supers and we’ll have full fields again.

That’s a great theory but in real life the time is NOW!!! :slight_smile:
The purses will fade away with no cars. A promotor would be an idiot to continue with the bait. The caveat to that is if the crowds were overflowing in the stands…were they?


Paying good and full purses will bring the cars back to this once great track; it is just not going to happen over night. Once they keep doing this for 6 months to a year, word will get out, and then the cars will follow. Desoto is paying the best purses in the state. Keep up the great payouts and the cars will come. Desoto was run into the toilet for years, the new promoters just have to be strong and realize it is going to take some time.