I read in the paper today he passed away June 14 2014 R.I.P.

Ray began his racing at Eau Gallie Speedway. Always ran the number 22 and his cars were always immaculate with great paint jobs, which was his day job. He was always a clean driver and his skill as a driver progressed with his experience. As a teenager I would frequently visit his shop to BS and see what he was up to. He presented a retro racer at one of the Eau Gallie Speedway reunions. Like his skill at restoring 55/56 chevys it was beautiful. He wasn’t always about Chevy he ran a very nice looking Ford in the Governvors Cup at Golden Gate one year. Between Marty and Ray I am really having a bad year. My prayers to Rays family. He was one of the regulars who was the backbone of central Florida racing in the 50s and 60s. Thanks for the memories and the pictures that are now more precious than ever.

Thoughts and prayers. :frowning:

Yes, as I recollect, the color was a light purple (at least one of the cars) with a stylized “22”.

It looked like it was pearl.

He was a pretty good shoe, as well!

May God be with his family, and may Ray be in a better place.