Citrus Countu Speedway results 6/21/14

For 6/21/14 results got to web page and click onto the results pages

Or…we could just get the results right here if you’d bother to post em.


nothing wrong doing it his way. at least we get results.

You know how it is, some guys don’t “do” links like they don’t “do” Facebook

I have no problem going to their page to get results…great site and they should be proud to show it off…by reading results, I can see who’s visiting from other tracks and who is missing from that track…(like old regular’s)…very nicely done…OSF

I’d say it’s more likely that he needs as many hits as possible on his web site to be able to sell ads. And there’s nothing wrong with that either. But if he’s posting here anyway trying to push his website, he might just as well post results at the same time for people like me who aren’t interested in going to his site.

Ouch… 5 Sportsman & 3 Street Stocks.

Where’s all the cars…???

[QUOTE=Frasson118;146798]Ouch… 5 Sportsman & 3 Street Stocks.

Where’s all the cars…???[/QUOTE]

went to showtime last night with the grandson to watch them monster trucks, they had 115 entered to race, some of those prob singed of for multiple calasses, but he still seems to be getting them, just saying ain’t bashing,


how was the mod race???

No mods last night, they ran citrus, mods next week, heard batman had to break out the new amf, car last minute thing, herd it ran good


Read ya wrong…thought you went to citrus

Modified Car Count At Citrus

There were 12 modifieds at Citrus County Speedway Saturday which is about on par with the turnout at asphalt tracks throughout Florida.