Showtime Speedway Modified 50 - June 28th

Ok Race Fans, Drivers and Owners. Mark your date planners, post on the Refrig. Hell write it on your Kids forehead. This is going to be one great night of racing.

Open Wheel Modified 50 laps

  1. 1200 2. 900 3. 800 4. 700 5. 600. 6. 500 7. 400 8. 300 9. 275
  2. thru field 250.00
    Modified Bonus: If you run on June 28 and run on July 3rd each driver will have $50.00 added to their winnings for the July 3rd $1500.00 to win event.

Also on the card for June 28
Street Stock Powder Puff
Senior Street Stock (55 and over)
Mini Stock
Mini Stock Figure 8
Family (Team) Mini Stock race
Street Stocks (NON Points)

Pit Gates open at 3pm
Practice at 4pm
Racing at 7pm

Adult General Admission is $15.00
Kids 12 and under free ( one per Adult) additional kids are $5.00
Pit Passes are $30.00
NEVER a Pit Slab fee at Showtime Speedway

Saturday Night Stock Car racing under the lights at the Legendary Showtime(Sunshine) Speedway the FASTEST 1/4 mile in the south.

Were Action is the Attraction.

July 3rd.

What time will practice get underway on July 3rd?

I’m considering coming to race, but not going to waste my time if I can’t get off of work in time for practice…


go getem

Devin…I wont make it


Thank you Sir.

Not sure if we’re going to be able to make it either.

LJ and I are trying to get Jimmy to run the OWM’s first this Saturday, and Yoho to run them last so that we can (hopefully) load up and head from Desoto to Showtime to run both tracks!



Showtime has been running the main event as one of the last features, The only thing thats been after them has been some Figure 8 races.

Hope to see you there.

[QUOTE=Rick Day;146933]Devin

Showtime has been running the main event as one of the last features, The only thing thats been after them has been some Figure 8 races.

Hope to see you there.[/QUOTE]

Thanks Rick.

On Thursday, the 3rd, will practice be at the same time as normal or will things start a little later since it’s on a week night?

We’d like to make that race too, but with my work schedule I wouldn’t be able to be there until around 6:00 or 6:15.

Now im jealous

Sounds like fun. Hopefully we will be able to pull off a double header soon. Has anyone called YOHO? Any other cars gonna try and race both places? Good luck to you, LJ and Dalton.


I think LJ, Travis Roland, Kyle Bookmiller, and myself were going to try to do it…but it’s not sounding like it’s going to work out.

…it’s a shame. 4 cars traveling to race at two different tracks in one night could really help car counts.

Anyone know if Wayne Jefferson will be at Showtime?

Wayne J

I think he will be at Dirt Devils with his son racing a go kart this weekend.

Thx Grimm.

Nothing like helping your son get going, but I selfishly miss seeing him race.


want his number…just kidding.

It’s all good.

Showtime is a long drive for me and as you know they only run mods once in a while and his style jumped out at me.

But I will tell ya, every modified comes off four crossed up and doesn’t touch the wall and pretty much everyone on the track is pretty darn good.



And yea wayne is pretty dam good too…don’t tell him I said that. Ill deny it…