3 OWM Races this weekend?!

What tracks are paying what??

Auburndale is running 25 lap Open Wheel paying $600 to win

6-28-2014 50 Laps OPEN WHEEL MODIFIEDS1 $1200 2. $900 3.$800 4.$700 5.$600 6.$500 7.$400 8.$300 9.$275 10.$250 THRU THE FIELD

(From Showtime’s Website)

Whats Desoto paying? And how many laps?

Showtime is paying out almost exactly what we raced for in the late 70’s.

It only took 35 years to catch up… but they’re the only one that did.


40 laps 1500 to win

Thanks! Thats a good payout, and the stands will be packed there with their big show they are having. Good way to get the sponsors in front of more fans.


I will say it again…yoho and Jimmy both have been taking care of the mods …Thank you all