Thursday Night Thunder-Showtime 7/3

Showtime Speedway Present Thursday Night Thunder.

This event will mark the 2nd Anniversary of the Grand Reopening of Showtime Speedway

Classes that will give you some of the Tightest, Breath taking, Action Pack racing in the State
** Open Wheel Modified Firecracker 50 $1500 to win

** Street Stock Independence 50 $1000.00 to win

**Demo Derby for 4cyl and 6 cyl cars (no large V8) $1000.00 to win
**Figure 8 Extravaganza
2nd Annual School Bus Figure 8 State Championship $1000 to win - Defending Champion Mike Gamache
PRO 8 and Street Stock 8 combo race
Mini Stock Figure 8

**Mod Mini’s

** Mini Stock

** Kids Fast 4

**Powder Puff Mini Stock

Showtime Speedway where Action is the Attraction.

Parking is FREE
NEVER a Pit Slab FEE

Thursday Night Thunder

Thursday Night Thunder

Racing Starts at 7:30
Time Trials at 7:45 for Modifieds and Street Stocks

Qualifying after racing starts?


Usually run Kids Fast 4 or maybe Enduro’s then Group Qualifying

Thanks Rick

Qualifying Street Stocks??? Now THERES a thrill…

We’ll think of it like this. This is a 50 lap $1000.00 to win race, probably some of these guys biggest race ever. So I say let them qualify and bask in the glory. Jmo

Time Trials

Thats the way I look at Elmer. All Divisions deserve their time is the spot light also.

C’mon, now!

I ain’t giving them a purple-ribbon-for-participatin’-ain’t-they-so-cute-for-trying award!

The “Street Stocks” at Showtime are some pretty serious cars with pretty serious motors. In fact, IMO, the top cars are rather analogous to the Sportsman & Modifieds–as is the competition, as is the quality of the driving–just a different “platform”–with much the same effort going into the equipment.

Any of the top dogs from those three divisions could wheel a late model if given the opportunity.

In other words, it is the same deal, different class.

Am thinking about making the long run to see them instead of the short run to NSS.

This post is not intended to diss the “higher” divisions, but to give props where they are due.

Old School I agree with ya man, yu take guys like mason, grisby, for instance and half dozen more sorry don’t no all there names move them up ,they would be a force to be reckon with,I was there shaking my car down and there were street stocks there I’ve never seen before practicing I no frass yu hate practice but these drivers r racing for some big bucks, they deserve there glory also jmo

better yet, now qualify them and invert the whole dam field,that would be better yet, the cream will always rise to the top, but that’s a great sight to see and watch go down. kinda like old school the way it yu used to be,

Hey TC

You get that old terd running ? U racing the 12th?