Got to meet a Legend.

I’ve known of, and followed Larry Moore since the mid 70’s and finally met him yesterday. Showed me his Trophy room that features 3 Globe trophies for winning the World 100 at Eldora. … THE BIGGEST race for Dirt Late Models.
He was the very first member of the Late Model Hall of Fame, and has raced everywhere, with everyone, including Foyt & Andretti.
He also has a new book coming out authored by Dave Argabright, who is in the Sprint Car Hall of Fame himself.
This guy tells AMAZING stories that include the biggest names in racing. If the book is even CLOSE to the 4 hours of fun I had with him, this book will be a classic.
His wife Kay is also quite a character herself.
Although it was under sad circumstances, a friend’s Memorial service, that we met, it was still a very well spent day.
What a racer, and what a guy…!

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Unfortunate circumstances, sorry to hear about your friend. That aside, it’s always great to meet the heroes of yesterday. I will never pass up an opportunity to sit and listen to stories from them!