announcerdave....this Thursday at NSS

So Dave, since the nation is gripped in World Cup soccer fever, I suggest that you celebrate the end of EVERY race the way this Mexican soccer announcer does it. You can yell [SIZE=“3”]“CHECKEREDDDD FFLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!” [/SIZE]at the end of each event. Great idea, huh?


I used to announce soccer when I went to UCF, but my call was much different… It went like “A Goooal? We scored a Goooal?”


I didn’t know UCF was around that long ago :aetsch013:

University of Cavemen and Fossils…ok that was bad

c’mon Kim, they didn’t have fossils back then


I attended UCF before it was known as “UCF”!

Back in the day it was “FTU”, or Florida Technological University.

Say, didja ever contemplate the origins of the slang term “whippersnapper”…?

Awww poor Dave…

My sister worked there when it was FTU. That was in the mid/late 60’s.

Give Dave a break. Fred Flintstone had a bowling alley and I think he graduated the same year as Dave.

I’ve stayed awake nights wondering about the term whippersnapper.