Saturday July 12th - North Florida Speedway - Coulter Pro-Trucks on Dirt !!!

Saturday July 12th at North Florida Speedway the inaugural Helena Pro-Truck 50 on Dirt !!! Dont miss it !!! Go to or for more information !

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From the peanut gallery…
Pavement trucks on dirt, what a cool idea! Capitalize on the NASCAR trucks and their sell-out event at Eldora, while giving the locals something new to try. If I had one I’d certainly take it up there and race. I hope it goes great!

Thanks Boneman

We are excited about it, we took some stuff from the Nascar race on dirt that Joey said worked and we tried to make the rules simple and not cost a bunch of mone. Phil the track owner will have the track like Eldora, meaning packed tight and hard so it wont be as hard for drivers the first time on dirt. We then go back Oct. 4th and we can make some adjustments. We are using the deflector that Nascar did at Eldora in front of the driver, and we are allowing tire grooving that Joey has gotten info on from Wolfpack Dirt Racing who does his dirt stuff. The tires should work for both races. The complete rules package is on the website.

[SIZE=“5”]The Southern States Midgets will also be there…Should be a GREAT show…[/SIZE]